The services that Analema Corporation offers are:

Services for Buyers

Services for Sellers

1. Quality inspections:– Background check- Pre-shipment- During Manufacturing

2. Asia sourcing


– Identification of suitable suppliers

– Development of a sourcing strategy

– Negotiation with suppliers

– Pursuit of procurement

– Track results and assess performance

3. Business in China orientation

– For Hispanic Business people

1. Somosnegocios b2b directory2. Internet marketing3. Business matching

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MISSION of International business opportunities, somosnegocios:

To generate and nurture highly profitable and sustainable business relationships based on the satisfaction and trust of our valued clients.

Execute International Business in an effective way, developing our business as a market power reaching high profits and achieving leadership in corporate social responsibility

To provide an effective IT communication exchange and promotion services that boost international acquisitions operations of medium and small business with a high level of trust that also generates value and benefits to buyers and sellers, respecting the brokerage role when present in such operations.

VISION of International business opportunities, somosnegocios:

  • Within one year serve several hundred thousands of business owners, brokers and franchisers worldwide
  • Providing them with online tools to enhance their business transactions
  • By year 2013 be a public company, listed in a major stock exchange
  • To keep an ethic and highly profitable business model.
  • Support our growing as a research enterprise, develop and interchange of better products and services that can be adapted to the future needs of the society, such as the markets with the disposition to incorporate them.

VALUES of International business opportunities, somosnegocios:

  • The clients satisfaction is our most important goal.
  • Perseverance.
  • Trust in our team and those who are involved with us.
  • Flexibility and ability to adapt to changes in a global and competitive marketplace.
  • Education and specialization as bases of our society.
  • Honesty in all of our actions.
  • Reliability, without losing the creative ability and the impetus that identify our team with
  • Unlimited knowledge growing and the ability to change paradigms constantly.
  • Our work is a contribution to the world’s development.

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