febrero 13, 2016

Analema ® Purchasing Agency in Hong Kong

Analema is a company. An International b2b firm that focuses on creating solutions for procurement and sourcing from Asia of industrial products such as Vehicles, its parts, Machinery and Electronic products.

Analema® is an exclusively registered trademark of Analema Corporation.

Analema is also a scientific term, from astronomy. It also represents the «equation of time».

Founded in April 2000 and in business since 2002 as a world class service company. We differentiate from other b2b websites, because our orientation is towards the buyer, we do not verify suppliers massively, instead we enable trust and solutions based on the specific needs of buyers. This feature makes Analema a complementary service to other popular b2b websites such as globalsources and alibaba.

Analema is a full-cycle International Trade Agency, Analema services wholesalers, entrepreneurs and privately held companies on their International supply chain needs such as manufacturing by contract, quality control, freight forwarding and International Finance

In business we use the Analema as a symbol of the value of time, precision an infinite bridge and the pursuit of businesses.

Analema operates a website that is online since year 2001: analema .com, somos negocios, which in spanish means «we are business» and has gained its place as the most outstanding exporter directory for Hispanic buyers, including Colombia, Panama and The Philippines, in Asia.

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