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Import to The Philippines

China, The Philippines, USA

Those are markets where our Team can help you find suppliers, compare suppliers, customize products and solve common problems such as communication with manufacturers, negotiations taking too long, contract arrangement and dealing, payment flow preparation and specifications. Particularly when buying from China or other Asian countries one must have people in the field. We are able to conduct in situ quality control and supervision for a flat rate anywhere in Asia.

This is a service that pays for itself, you will either save more than what you pay us and/or maximize profits by our supervision of your orders anywhere in Asia or the USA.

For Buyers: No order is too small


In 48 hours we can get a minimum three quotations for the product you are looking for anywhere in the world, provide advice on the best the import method to your country. We can make necessary arrangement for samples, loose cargo (less than one container), full container load and also assist with the negotiations.


Our business is building long term relationships, please consider Analema your trusted Agent in China!

Just contact us with the information about your requirement or fill up the form. We promise to do our best to make your sourcing experience pleasant and save you money!

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It is a Myth that the quality is low in China, most big name brands have their supply chain connected to China in one way or the other. The only difference between awesome China and low quality China is the supervision of the buyer and the procurement strategy.

For sellers: Rediscover the Philippines, Sell your product in The Philippines

The Philippines is making a huge comeback on the world stage:

  • The Philippines has the fastest-growing economy in Asia with a GDP growth of 7.8%. The Philippines is politically stable with government incentive programs that encourage foreign companies to invest in the country.
  • The Philippines received its first investment grade credit rating from both S&P and Fitch in 2013, and will see a substantial increase in foreign direct investment.
  • Tremendous progress in terms of the quality and reliability of its infrastructure and business support capabilities.
  • English is the official language of government, education, and business with the majority of Filipinos generally fluent in English.
  • The Philippines has a very young population with a median age of 23. The country also has excellent higher level education, and an abundance of highly trained professionals.
  • The Philippines is culturally diverse, thanks to centuries of Asian, Spanish, and American influences. This has made Filipinos highly adaptable and easy to work with.
  • Salary levels are roughly 30% of what they are in the United States. Savings of 50% to 80% on your cost of service are easy to achieve through MicroSourcing.
Important info for Filipino businesses: We provide a bi-weekly schedule from China to Manila, you can import less than one container, minimum one cubic meter for a flat rate
LCL Import to The Philippines
  • Transit time is 3 weeks China Manila, subject to variations due to the authorities of both countries and the sea schedules
  • Service is door to door all inclusive: Freight, Taxes, Trucking, Storage (roof non-cold) Basic insurance
  • All our shipments have marine insurance standard to the value of USD 20,000 per container
  • Once registered in the service we will give you an address of our warehouse in Guangzhou, China. Register here

About Analema Sourcing Services

This is a service that pays for itself, you will either save more than what you pay us or maximize profits by our supervision of your orders.

Analema is a full-cycle International Trade Agency, Analema services wholesalers, entrepreneurs and privately held companies on their International supply chain needs such as manufacturing by contract, quality control, freight forwarding and International Finance more
Its Executive director Mr Alejandro Patino, has a wide cross cultural experience in China Sourcing, negotiation and procurement, He will be your eyes in The Factory! more

Some products we can source for our clients

Rediscover The Philippines. One of the fastest growing markets in Asia

 Call or text in Manila 09178526571 Hong Kong +85253438551

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Some of our professional Sourcing Services:

  1. Factory Audit (Technical Quality Assessment)
  2. Pre-Shipment Inspection
  3. Pre-Production Inspection
  4. During Production Inspection
  5. Loading Supervision (LS)
  6. Social Audit (Code of Conduct Assessment )

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